2024 Harbour Dues

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Please use this form to apply and pay for a licence. Harbour Dues are valid from 1st January to 31st December.

Harbour Dues charged pursuant to S.26 of Harbours Act 1964 & S.54 of Crouch Harbour Act 1974.

Harbour Dues are payable on all vessels afloat on the rivers Crouch and Roach including off-river and mid-river marinas, basins, creeks, saltings, private land and mud berths and the requirements for display of Harbour Dues Plaque apply (Crouch Harbour Act 1974, s.55). The Harbour Dues charge is based on the length of the vessel which is measured on deck from stem to stern. Include any fixed bathing platform and any fiddlehead. Exclude bowsprits, bumkins, stern davits and external rudders. 

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